Serving the cities of Anderson, Corning, Cottonwood, Los Molinos, Orland, Red Bluff, Willows and Colusa

REVISED 12/04/2016
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SERENITY AT SEVEN, 3434 North St., Anderson, CA 96007
1st MON 7:00-8:30pm C/NC/B/SD
2nd MON 7:00-8:30pm C/NC/B/TS
3rd MON 7:00-8:30pm C/NC/B/JFT 
4th MON 7:00-8:30pm C/NC/B/RF
Last MON 7:00-8:30pm O/B/B-Day
 1st Monday of each month - Potluck at 6pm
Open meeting follows.
Last Monday - Business meeting at 6:15pm


COLUSA GROUP, 511 Oak St., Colusa, CA 95932
*TUE 6:00pm O

WELLNESS OF CHAMPIONS, 162 E Carson St. (Behavioral Health), Colusa, CA 95932
Mon Noon O


CORNING NA, 820 Marin St., Corning, CA 96021
MON 7:00-8:00pm O/OD/B
TUE 7:00-8:00pm O/OD/B
WED 7:00-8:00pm O/OD/B
THU 7:00-8:00pm O/OD/B
FRI 7:00-8:00pm O/OD/B
SAT 7:00-8:30pm O/OD/B
SUN 7:00-8:00pm C/BS/B
 2nd Tuesday - Activities business meeting at 5:30pm
2nd Wednesday - Business meeting at 5:30pm
Last Friday - Birthday/Speaker meeting


TIME FOR RECOVERY, 3320 Brush St., Cottonwood, CA 96022
*TUE 7:00-8:00pm C/NS/TD

RECOVERY TALK, 3320 Brush St., Cottonwood, CA 96022
*THU 7:00-8:15pm C/BS/SD
2nd Thursday - Potluck at 6pm
Last Thursday - Open Meeting & Birthday night


LOS MOLINOS NA, 25204 Josephine Ave., Los Molinos, CA 96055
*MON 7:00-8:00pm O/OD/JFT
1st & 3rd Monday - Speaker meeting
Last Monday - Business meeting and Birthday night 


ORLAND MUSTARD SEED GROUP, 653 A St., Orland, CA 95963
MON 7:00-8:00pm C/TD
*FRI 7:00-8:00pm O/TD
3rd Monday - Business meeting
Last Friday - Birthday/Speaker meeting
ORLAND BACK TO BASICS, 717 5th St., Orland, CA 95963
MON 12:00-1:00pm O/WA/BS
MON 7:00-8:00pm O/WA/JFT
TUE 7:00-8:00am O/WA/JFT
TUE 12:00-1:00pm O/WA/FJT
TUE 7:00-8:00pm O/WA/JFT
WED 7:00-8:00am O/WA/JFT
WED 12:00-1:00pm O/WA/JFT
WED 7:00-8:00pm Speaker Mtg.
THU 12:00-1:00pm O/WA/JFT
THU 7:00-8:00pm O/WA/TD
FRI 12:00-1:00pm O/WA/JFT
FRI 5:55-7:00pm O/WA/JFT
SAT 12:00-1:00pm O/WA/JFT
SAT 7:00-8:00pm O/WA/TD
SUN 12:00-1:00pm O/WA/BS/LC
SUN 7:00-8:00pm O/WA/JFT
1st Tuesday - Speaker meeting and Bingo
2nd Tuesday - Business meeting at 8pm
3rd Tuesday - Activities meeting at 8pm


BACK TO BASICS, 738 Walnut St. Red Bluff, CA 96080
THU 7:00-8:00pm O/OD/NS
Last Thursday - Business meeting
INTO THE SOLUTION, 838 Jefferson St. Rm #3, Red Bluff, CA 96080
MON 11:00am-12:00pm O/OD/NS
TUE 11:15am-12:15pm O/OD/NS
WED 11:00am-12:00pm O/OD/NS
THU 11:00am-12:00pm O/OD/NS
FRI 11:00am-12:00pm O/OD/NS
SAT 11:00am-12:00pm O/OD/NS
1st Saturday - Business meeting at 12 pm.
Last Saturday - Birthday Meeting

RED BLUFF NA, 785 Musick Ave., Red Bluff, CA 96080
MON 7:00-8:00pm O/OD
TUE 7:00-8:00pm O/OD
WED 7:00-8:00pm O/OD/CL
SAT 7:00-8:00pm O/OD
SUN 7:00-8:00pm O/OD
Last Saturday NO MEETING
4th Sunday Business meeting at 2pm
Last Sunday - Birthday/Speaking 7-8:15pm


WILLOWS UNITY GROUP, 926 W. Sycamore St., Willows, CA 95988
MON 7:00-8:00pm O/TD
*TUE 7:00-8:00pm O/TD
WED 7:00-8:00pm O/TD
THU 12:00-1:00pm O/BS
FRI 8:00-9:00pm O/TD/CL
*SAT 7:00-8:00pm O/TD
SUN 7:00-8:00pm O/TD
1st Sunday - Business meeting at 5:30pm.
Last Sunday -Birthday meeting 

WILLOWS BASIC RECOVERY, 311 S. Villa St., Willows, CA 95988
THU        7:00-8:00PM                C/TD